How you can protect your data on a hard drive?

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How you can protect your data on a hard drive?Any hard drive, external or internal, can have problems and you should think about protecting the data you have stored on it. There is also the possibility of data recovery, but it can be a demanding process that requires investing  a sum of money because you need the services of a specialist in this field.

The data recovery procedure can be run whenever you want to keep your information at hand. But there is also another posssibility that helps you protect the information stored on a hard drive. It is called encryption. You can use special programs that help you complete the process, and they also prove useful if you need encryption of data on other memory sticks and hard drives attached to your computer.

A better solution is to encrypt only selective files and folders and not the entire hard drive you use on your computer. Other people prefer to store their data by using the cloud service. It is widely used nowadays but you need a good and steady internet connection in order to access your files without difficulties when you need them. But this method also involves some dangers: unauthorized people can access your information and publish in on the internet or they can use it against you, especially if you have private photos or videos.

You can use some well-known cloud services such as Dropbox and Microsoft Sky Drive, or if you have your own server at home you can also store data on it. If you store information in a cloud service, pay attention to the web browser you use and take care of it by cleaning the history whenever you close a session. Temporary internet files stored on your computer whenever you are online can be very dangerous for you security.

Experts generally recommend that you delete these files and the browser data as well. You also have the possibility to use a private mode of you browser when you are on the internet. In this way, data from you session are not saved in the history of your browser. There also hard drives with included self-encrypting programs which help you keep all these dangers away from your information.

You can encrypt information you use in order to protect your money when you make online pucrchases. Others might steal your data when it is transferred during an online transaction. If you do not want to allow other people to see the content of your hard drive or if you have files which are better kept secret, an encryption which requires a password is the best choice for your security.

You should also know that  there are different levels of encryption which offer difrerent types of security. Encryption is necessary on any computer or device because a laptop, for example, can be stolen from the owner and one never knows who can use the information found on the hard drive and in the browsers of the operating system.

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