Best exercises and foods for muscle gain


 Best exercises and foods for muscle gain
” Personal training ” is a term used more often.

Personal trainers began to be increasingly demanded by the public to get faster results in an efficient manner.

Any personal trainer will tell you the training you do in the room can be divided into two categories:
•    those for weight loss
•    those for increasing the muscle mass

What very few will tell you is that most times, the two categories overlap, that you can lose weight by following a protocol for muscle growth and also can increase the amount of muscle mass while trying to lose weight .

A good personal trainer will tell you that not the exercises you execute make the difference between results and failure, but rather how you execute them. So you can understand the process by which your body thickens its muscle cells, we need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

How increase the muscle mass?

Hypertrophy or muscle growth by increasing cell volume is a process by which your body reacts to external stimuli. As some of the dinosaurs have evolved in vertebrates, so we evolve in life depending on the environment in which we live.


Let’s say your job involves transportation of furniture, then you will develop a prominent muscles that help you cope with this mission. If you sit all day at work, maybe your body will adapt and you will develop a layer of fat around the waist.

Training in gym merely replace the external stimulus. So even if you work from a chair all day, you will trick your body into believing it needs muscle mass that need to develop.

Looking in more detail, we note that not all exercises in the gym are the same: some involve the use of a single joint ( dumbbell curls or triceps extensions machine ), while others can only be performed using multiple joints ( squats, traction, push-ups ).

The latter are more effective for muscle development because it involves multiple joints and many muscles too.

According to the same principle, the more work more muscles in a workout, the more you get a more prominent muscles and it is very possible to lose belly fat too.

Alimentation rules for a developed muscle

Diet you follow is what makes the difference between muscle gain and weight loss, in specific terms, anabolism and catabolism.

What you need to remember:
•    a high-calorie diet ( with more calories ) leads to weight gain and promotes hypertrophy. A high intake of protein and fluids is also required.
•    hypocaloric diet ( very few calories ) requires the body to ” cannibalize ” ( catabolism ) to get the necessary energy, since it is not derived from the diet. So you lose some muscle and some fat cells. When we say we want to lose weight healthy, we mean that we want to lose as much fat, but at the same time we want to keep as much of the musculature.

The best foods for muscle gain

The diet that consists of foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids, combined with daily exercise is the safest way to smooth muscle development.

Here are some examples of PRO-muscles foods:
•    eggs – rich sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin, which maintain energy throughout the day and the electrolyte balance. In addition, eggs contain vitamin B12, which destroys fat deposits and is essential for muscle contraction.
•    beef – is an important source of iron and zinc, minerals that support muscle development and creatine, additional source of energy.
•    salmon – is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and quality protein that promotes muscle growth.
Recommended exercises for muscle growth


Even though I participated in bodybuilding competitions and I’m a follower of muscle development to support a healthy lifestyle, I do not agree with specific training for bodybuilding. That only works for people who use anabolic steroids to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

We, who do not use such substances, are ” forced ” to get more testosterone naturally through intense workouts and many muscles involved in each exercise session.

I recommend exercises such as push-ups, pushing the chest, squats, statutes, straightening or lunges. Try to combine these exercises in a most varied way and do not forget: there’s no way to fail in combining exercises, but learn to execute them properly as possible to achieve the purpose.

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