The advantages of a new label printing machine


The advantages of a new label printing machineOffice work environment  and the society in which we are living, requires for an easy process of work, the usage of the office equipment items, on which we need to know how they can be handled.

As in any other situation even the commercial environments should benefit from the advantages of the technology, so that today we face a real wave of innovation in terms of the development of these objects. The prices are pretty close between products and very often, not knowing what to choose, we have the tendency to seek on the online markets the used printing machines that can help us to achieve our goals.

If you are in search of label printer, before you buy it you should do a quick market research, both in terms of quality, but the price of such product. The used printing machines market can provide you a great variety of printing devices, both for the industrial  environments as for office (small sized). In this case, however, the proper use of the product is related to the degree of aging and also the usage over the years.


The advantage of such products remains the quite convenient price and the physical availability of the product, which being  in the possession of the seller, can be delivered at any time. However if you are looking for a new label printing machine for your business, then lets take a look on a model so that we can form an opinion, in order to perform a good choice.

Throwing us a brief look at the Godex EZ2250i model, we cans see from the start that the price is not so high, being about 900 euro. It is true, even the production is a bit small, although it is still an industrial printer used for medium and large print volumes.The printer also has a soft that can improve the printing process as well as the production one. The interface for connecting is a USB memory stick one, making the connection much easyer, and it also has an external keyboard for stand alone operation. This option come as additional features related to the common ethernet connection modes like USB interfaces, Serial (RS232) and Ethernet (LAN).

The Godex EZ2250i model is differentiated from the rest of such products because of the features that it has, like using a label roll up to 203 mm as outside diameter. In addition to that, the color screen provides an easy understanding of the information by the operator. The Godex EZ2250i model is an economical and reliable product, that can help you save time and effort in terms of  replacement of the consumables. The module is fully metal construction that has protections against accidental electrical discharge, so this can prevent certain damages or malfunctions

The printing speed is 177mm/s, print resolution is of 203 DPI and has besides the base software the following applications: QLabel-IV and GoLabel DLL & Drivers. In terms of the paper used for printing, are used rollers with the following characteristics: paper width 118mm (104mm real print area), paper thickness around 0.06-0.25mm and the interior roll diameter is of maximum 76.2 mm.


Printer dimensions are 512 mm length, 291 mm width and 274mm high, related to a model of a weight of 15 kg. The methods can be by thermal transfer printing (with ribbon) and / or direct thermal (without ribbon).

Clearly similar products like the one described above can be found on “second hand” and really good in terms of quality. Profile markets such as , bring together on sale the best used  products so that anyone can afford to the purchase such a product without having to take out  large amounts of money out of them pockets.

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