Reasons to choose a private hire company from Heathrow to Reading

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Reasons to choose a private hire company from Heathrow to Reading
London Heathrow International Airport is the main airport in England. It is located at 24 Km in west London and has 5 terminals. The first three are next to each other, the fourth is located south of the airport and it is connected to Heathrow Express. The fifth is a new addition and is located on the west side of Μ25 Highway, being used only for British Airways flights.

The airport serves 69 million passengers a year. After landing in London, you can get to the center of the city with Heathrow Express train line available every 15 minutes. You can also use the tube, taxi or buses. Terminals 4 and 5 are connected to the rest of the airport by buses and train lines. For London flights departing from Terminal 4 another available means of transport besides the Heathrow Express is bus 555. For Terminal 5, apart from the train, buses serving the area are 441 and 724.

While is rather simple finding your way through London you might have some problems  in finding proper transportation towards other places in U.K . In order to make things easier it is recommended to choose airport transfers if you want to travel comfortably and safe. As the airport transfer industry keeps growing and developing there are many companies competing to capture customers’ attention.  Rather new on the market, 365 Airport Transfers aims at offering its clients a quality product at a reasonable price providing taxi transfers almost everywhere across U.K.

The 365’s website was created to ease the process of booking and access any travel related information as fast as possible. For instance if anyone is looking for a taxi from Heathrow to Reading they just have to click the following link: Any information that might be useful to our potential customer is right there: offers, services, fees and so on.

Of course you can travel to Reading using many other transportation: trains, coaches, taxis or the famous black taxis but there are certainly many reasons that favour transfers which are probably the safest way. Also the fastest way is by car on the M4 motorway that you have to follow until reaching destination.

The distance between Heathrow Airport and Reading is around 30.60 miles and the journey takes around 35 minutes. But why bother driving when you can sit back and enjoy your ride leaving all traffic related responsibilities in the hands of a professional? This would be a very wise choice. The driver will pick you up and drop you off at the exact coordinates, even give you a hand with your luggage and make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Not to mention the fair price or the possibility to get an instant journey quotation.

Reading is a big city, located into a unitary authority area in England. Situated in the Thames Valley where The River Kennet meets The Thames, and on the Great Western Main Railway track and the M4 motorway, west of London, Reading is a commercial center, involved in information technology and insurance activities, and despite its proximity to London, has a net outflow of commuters.

The town is also a retail center providing services for a large area of the Thames Valley, and is home, for the University of Reading. Each year it hosts the Reading Festival, one of the largest music festivals in England. It is also associated with Reading Rock Festival (now Carling Weekender). So there you have all the reasons that make it worth visiting.

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