How to obtain the desired paper shape ?


How to obtain the desired paper shape ? When creating a product, everything starts from an idea, which is then “put down on paper” and we begin searching for the best and easiest solutions to shape our idea and make it come to life. It is clear that once we thought of it, we must have had a shape for it in our mind.

The next thing to do is to stick to it and reproduce it as accurate as possible. In terms of accuracy, technology is almost every time the right answer, no matter the domain.If you are a papermaker, all you need to provide is creativity and every product will be shaped according to your desires, with the help of the suitable paper converting machines.

If you are into such a business and work on a web press in the packaging, newspaper or packaging industry, you definetly need amongst other devices a stripping equipment. Anyway, do not get any “naughty’ ideas into your head, because such machines are suitable for waste margin stripping of cardboard, thin corrugated paper and common corrugated paper are are used in the printing industry .


It is only wise to invest in such equipments especially if your aim is to increase quality and value of the products. Most types are very simple to use and highly productive. Stripping machinery is specifically designed for fiber or corrugated partition strips and pads. Altough,they were primarily meant for companies that need high volume production of corrugated partition strips and pads, the usefulness of such equipment is beyond doubt.

There are machines that produce clean punch configuration slots and “V” slots simultaneously  that make things easier and speed the assembly. For more difficult production tasks machinery in several width and height capacities are available as well as  with multiple configurations.

In order to have your own flexible processing center, choose equipment that performs different processing operations like die cutting, slitting, edge trimming and cutting to length and combines them into one pass.For even better results look for types that provide a clean “V” entry slot for fast assembly and various options for corner cuts, “V” notching, creasing, scoring and letter piercing.


A professional carton stripper, waste tripper can be used for waste margin stripping of cardboard, thin corrugated paper and common corrugated paper in corrugating industry.  In terms of paper range is suitable for almost any type: 200GSM-500GSM cardboard, single and double corrugated paper, double laminated corrugated paper.

In an era when time is money, stripping efficiency is impoved by 10 times ,by using such a tool and this shortens the delivery cycle, the process being finished in 10 up to 30 minutes. Another important thing, is not to damage the bonding area when performing the stripping operation, thus improving the efficiency of the process  that follows (gluing/ automatic packing).

As we have seen there are cretain steps and  rules to follow in every creating experience, starting fro the idea to the final product, in the desired shape. The thing is that the desired shape is sometimes rather difficult to achieve, but luckily there are many solutions, some of them only a click away, like .

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