How can you make money using Facebook?

How can you make money using Facebook?
We are living in the Internet era and therefore we can benefit from numerous advantages. One of these consists in the possibility to supplement our incomes just by using the Internet and Social Media. With you can sell and buy posts, which can bring you a good monthly income. You just need a page with 1.000 followers or friends, then you can start to sell posts and to earn money.

It is not impossible to have a page with 1,000 fans, on the contrary, it is very easy. It is important to make good posts and in order to do that you need to search for interesting images, links, and updates daily. For example, you can post content for the rock audience, cat lovers, travel enthusiasts, or cookery enthusiasts. Continue reading »

Good SEO is About Working Smart, Not Hard

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that’s important for any webmaster who’s interested in increasing the amount of traffic his or her site gets. That means people who want to make money off their websites should be particularly interested in it. Learning the ins and outs of SEO can be confusing; there seem to be a million equally-valid strategies out there.

Read through this article, and you should pick up some solid advice that will work well with any SEO technique you choose to employ.The optimization game all comes down to keyword selection, really. If you pick general keywords with lots of traffic and lots of competition, you can concentrate on taking a small slice of a big pie. If you want to focus on specific keywords that get less traffic, you want to dominate those phrases utterly. Continue reading »